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MARQUETTE — Marquette’s music scene earned a spot in a National Music Poll.

In a poll by, Marquette ranked 31 out of 120 destinations with the best live music scenes, as voted for by music lovers.

According to, Marquette was ranked for its “thriving” live music scene that adds to the city’s “vibrant” culture.

“With picturesque Lake Superior as a backdrop, music enthusiasts can enjoy performances at venues like the Ore Dock Brewing Company and the Northern Michigan University Forest Roberts Theatre,” said. “From local bands to touring artists, Marquette offers a diverse range of musical experiences that captivate both residents and visitors alike.”

James Collins of said the ranking “reflects not only the diversity of music genres available across the nation but also the passion and resilience of local communities in keeping live music alive and thriving.”

“We hope this inspires music lovers to explore beyond the known music cities and to experience the unique sounds these hidden gems offer,” Collins said.

Andrew “Bear” Tyler, editor in chief at the Marquette Music Scene, said its nice to see recognition on a national level with the more “understated scenes.”

“Everybody knows that every tour hits Chicago, New York (and) Los Angeles, but nobody realizes what’s going on as far as that goes, a lot of times, the more rural areas,” Tyler said. “Let alone the scenes that these rural areas have built themselves.”

He said Marquette’s music scene is more reminiscent of a city that’s larger than Marquette actually is, which gives it is “uniqueness.”
“But that’s due to the larger fact that we’re the population base for this region. So everybody comes to Marquette thinking there’s going to be some sort of opportunity,” Tyler said. “But the biggest thing is we have everything that a lot of the people from the bigger scenes want, without the things they don’t want, which is the people.”

Tyler said despite Marquette being ranked, he feels the ranking can be applied to the central Upper Peninsula, such as Escanaba and Munising.

“These rural fans of the Marquette music scene are really grabbing on to the up-and-comers, the bands that we’ll come here,” Tyler said. “The problem with that is we don’t often have media partners. You turn on the local radio station, then what you’re going to hear (is) basically playlists drawn out of the major cities instead of bands that will actually come here.”

He said with that kind of partnership, more people will know what is going on in the Marquette music scene.

“People can really start to realize what is going on,” Tyler said. “That we have have these bands that are charting on the major charts, playing the Ore Dock, it’s just you might not have heard of them…”
For more information on the Marquette music scene, visit Marquette Music Scene.

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