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Nomination Form Here (Temporary – 2023)

Nomination Instructions

Anyone may submit a nomination.

Nominees must be either born, raised or founded (in the case of entities) in Marquette County, resided in Marquette County for a significant portion of their career, or made a significant mark on Marquette County during their career.

Nominees may represent any music genre and be associated with any music related vocation from any era in Marquette County’s history. A nominee can be an individual, group, large ensemble, institution, event or venue.

Suggested Judging Criteria:

Impact: The nominee has made an extraordinary impact on the development or growth of Marquette County’s musical heritage artistically, educationally, and/or promotional/managerial.

Influence (Artistic): The nominee has significantly influenced the work of musicians or leaders in the field; or music lovers and/or the society at large.

Reach: The contribution has significantly impacted the reach of Marquette County music regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Under “Nominee Description” please provide biographical information and any evidence supporting this nomination. e.g. Letters of recommendation, awards, honors, degrees, discography, publications, compositions, recordings, videos, photos, news clippings & reviews etc. Point out career highlights, achievements, major appointments, business triumphs, technical innovations, musical teaching experience, community involvement, benefaction and or philanthropic contributions pertaining to music. The more detailed the information, the better for our review process.

2019 Marquette Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Saturday, November 30th at the Red Room in the U.P. Masonic Center in downtown Marquette.

Nomination Form Here (Temporary – 2023)