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July Music Explosion!

Marquette Music Scene & Beyond ExplodeS into non-stop music action for the Summer!!!

Not that June was slouching, with great performances from local all stars Rockestra; the city band and orchestra doing their things; regular appearances from our incredible local & regional talent nearly every night at regular spots across the Yoop, and venues like the Ore Dock & The Crib stepping up booking major and underground tours swinging through the area (Charlie Parr, Jeffrey Foucault & Eric Koskinen (ODBC), The Jimmy’s (ODBC & Mqt. Blues Society) and the Primitive Rage/Skinned Alive Tour (Crib)) pushing all kinds of buttons for fans of Country and Americana to Hardcore/Grindcore and even Death Metal (not to leave out the likes of Rally in the Valley or Drewpalooza 2).

Well, as we fire into July and Independence Day celebrations, the Marquette Music Scene (and Beyond) ABSOLUTELY EXPLODES into musical chaos for the rest of the summer!

Starting off this weekend’s highlights, a little off the beaten path for Marquette, but Calumet’s Camping & Music FestivitIes Dam Jam is back for it’s 7th year with a huge array of regional stars including the Stan P Band, Steve Leaf, Not Quite Canada, Soul Responsibility, and much more Dam Jam is bound to have something that will tickle the fancy of Americana, Rock & even EDM fans.  Well worth the trip.

Back in our region, starting the in-town highlights this weekend is Kognisjion Bryggeri, bringing up Grand Rapids based Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish debuting their brand of rockin’ blues/Americana in the Marquette City limits before appearing at a few other festivals across the U.P. this season.  Ridng the success of their ’23 full length “Sick-N-Tired” JRCC has been making waves across the region and starting to poke into that national level touring tier.  If you like hard driving roots rock, groovy blues, or just straight up killer old school rock and roll you’re not going to want to miss this set in such an intimate environment.  Who knows, these guys are pretty hot, it may be your only chance to see them in Marquette for FREE!  Show kicks off at 7 pm!

The cats down at The Ore Dock Brewing Company aren’t going to be slouching against Jesse Ray as they bring back  hard working Michigan Swamp Rockers Stonefolk for a two night run.  They’ll rock the crowd with a mix of originals and covers with vibes from outlaw/trucker country to funk to indie-rock/jazz and R&B all while wearing their Little Feat, Gram Parsons, The Wood Brothers and more influence right on their sleeve.  Marquette is definitely getting spoiled in the varied roots rock department this weekend with Stonerock kicking off both Friday & Saturday nights

Of course, I’ve mentioned 2 of the 3 venue breweries, and, well, Blackrocks is definitely keeping it interesting as well this weekend with the Marquette debut of Ann Arbor’s C.A.R.M.a Quartet bringing their “eclectic traditional and improvisational music” to town backed by Grammy award winning harmonica virtuoso Peter Matcat Ruth and Grammy winning percussionist John Churchville.  A quick spin through their available streaming material and you know you are In for a roots treat with some flair you are lucky to catch live.  They’ll be on stage both Friday & Saturday so there’s plenty of a chance to catch ALL of these badass highlights this weekend.

Also worth the trip, if you managed to get seats, Garrison Keillor & Company are gracing The Crystal Theatre stage in Crystal Falls. Always a great venue to catch any kind of performance.

Of course, the bands I mention here are out-of-towners that all are on the cusp of being “that band we saw just before they were big,” ya know our array of extremely talented locals are spread across the region with The Crunge @ Smarty’s, Sky Pilots @ Pine Grove, familiar singer songwriters @ Superior Culture, regular appearances from Derrell Syria & Bradley Brownell @ Drifa, and much more.  Be sure to check for schedules or the NEW Marquette Music Scene page on Facebook  (MarquetteMusic49855) for the most up to date information.

We’ll be back early next week to talk about more Independence Day celebrations AND the BIG Big 3 Concert in Gwinn headlined by Country artist Chase Matthews who is coming off a major arena tour with Luke Bryan…






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