Marquette Music Scene

MMSchedule ~ Current Week

Monday 26

Jacks Hide away ~ open jam

Tuesday 27

Blackrocks~Mark Young 6-9pm

PWPL~Bluesday Tuesday ~Under the Radar 7pm

Drifa~open mic 6-8

Flanigans ~ open mic with Joe Patrick and Warren Hantz* 7-10

Superior Culture~ Open mic with Noah Bauer

Wooden Nickel ~ DCLA 6-9pm

Wednesday 28

Blackrocks -Open Jams 6-9pm

Drifa~ Music Bingo 6-8

Thursday 29

Blackrocks~Jim* & Ray*6-9

Rippling River~ Jan Arnold 6-9pm


Smarty’s* ~ Make Believe Spurs 7-10p

Royal Bar ~ Pierre Ogea* 8pm

Superior Culture~Mayple 9-11pm

Friday 1

Kognisjon ~ Palestras 6pm

Blackrocks -Cloverland 7-10pm

Ore Dock ~ Round Creek String Band 8-11

Drifa~Make Believe Spurs 6-9pm

Superior Culture Jakey Thomas 8-11

Lake Superior Smokehouse~ Vinyl Tap 6-9pm

Upper Peninsula Brewing Co~Wyatt Kulik 8 pm

Negaunee Eagles Club ~ Whiskey Ryan 7-10pm

Rippling River ~ Troy Graham Fireside Live Music. 6-9pm

Dry Dock ~ karaoke ~ Pierre Ogea* 7-10pm

Shelly’s Rainbow Bar ~Derrell Syria 5-8pm

Cade~ The Exploders 8-12mid

Pine Grove ~ Neo Lives 8-11pm

Saturday 2

Kaufman Auditorium ~ MSO 730pm

Drifa ~Daydreamers 6-8pm

Ore Dock~

Blackrocks ~ 7-10

Superior Culture-To be Determined 9-11pm

Rose’s Dugout- Chris Valenti 8-11pm

Lake Superior Smokehouse~6-9pm

Rippling River ~ Keith Janofski 6-9pm

Ojibway Casino ~ Superior Sound 8-12mid

Upper Peninsula Brewing Co~ Daydreamers Acoustic 7pm

Shelly’s Rainbow Bar ~ The Black Hats 5-8pm

Cade~ 5 pm

Pine Grove~ Toni Saari 3-6pm Lost Cause 9pm-1am

Sunday 25

Blackrocks ~ Joe & Andy 5-8

Landmark Inn ~ Dave Ziegner* & Harry South noon-3 in the Pub

Westwood Mall ~41West Band 1-3 family event

Rippling River~ Wallens 5-8pm

Kognisjon ~ Open Mic 4-8pm

*Band contains members of the Marquette Music Scene Hall of Fame