MMSchedule ~ Current Week

Thursday 27

Lagniappe  ~ UP Gumbo 6-9pm

Hiawatha Co-op ~ Open jam old timey Folk traditional music 7-9pm

Blackrocks ~Eddie and the Bluesers 8-11pm

Landmark Inn ~ Derrell Syria Project 830pm

UP North Lodge ~ Adam Carpenter  6-9pm

Friday 28

 Flanigan’s ~ Tuesday Jones 630-930pm

Delft Bistro ~ Delta Duo 7pm

Ore Dock ~ OutLaw’D 9pm

Superior Cultures ~ Patrick Booth 8-10pm

Lake Superior Brew Pub ~ 6-10pm

Saturday 29
Iron Bay ~ Jim & Ray 6-9pm

Ore Dock ~Chicago Loud9 wsg JollyGood 9pm

Drifa ~ St Joe Jack 730-1030pm

Superior Cultures ~ Bobby 8pm
Jackson’s Pit ~ Reverend
Pasquali’s ~ Benefit for Tony Norem ~ 10 Bands – 1pm
(Bear is early hours emcee)

Gwinn Inn ~ Trailer Hitch 9pm

Boot Lake ~ Jay Kruger 830pm

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