Marquette Music Scene

MMSchedule ~ Current Week

Monday 17

PWPL concert on the steps ~ Cicada 7pm

Kognisjon ~ 7 Ft Drift 6-8pm wsg Gerry Kippola

Drifa-open mic 6-8

Jacks Hide away ~ open jam

Tuesday 18

Flanigans ~ open mic with Joe Patrick and Warren Hantz* 7-10

Superior Culture~ Open mic

Wooden Nickel ~ DCLA 6-9pm

Wednesday 19

Blackrocks ~ Open mic with Brian Wallen 6-9

Superior Culture ~8-10pm

Thursday 20

Music on Third 6-8 and MMS Hall of Fame wall on display at Jim’s Music

Drifa ~ Shreck 6-9

Blackrocks~ Cloverland 6-9

Rippling River~ 6-9p

Presque Isle Park ~ City Band 730

Superior Culture 9-11pm

Strega Nonna ~ Mike Letts 6-9

Smarty’s*~ Mathew Byce 7-10

Old Ish ~ Summer concert series ~ Palestras 7pm

Nordeen Park ~ Chris Valenti 3-6pm

LAnse summer Concerts ~ Keweenaw Bluegrass 7pm

Friday 21

Ore Dock ~ 7pm

Drifa ~Daydreamers 6-9pm

Blackrocks ~ Silver Creek Revival 7-10pm

Superior Culture 9-11

Lake Superior Smokehouse~ 6pm-9pm

Ojibwa Casino ~ 8-mid shuttle available

Upper Peninsula Brewing Co ~Neo Lives 7 pm

Smarty’s ~ Chad Borgen & Collective 7 -10


Rippling River ~ Fireside Live Music. 6-9pm

Dry Dock ~ Pierre Ogea* 7-10pm

Cade ~ Danny Collins 7-10pm

Pine Grove- 9-1am

Chatham Pub ~ Toni Saari 6-9pm

Saturday 22

Fancy Free~ Make Believe Spurs noon

Harley Davidson ~ Daydreamers Acoustic 12-3

Blackrocks ~ Silver Creek Revival 7-10

Ore Dock ~9pm

Kognisjon ~ Union Suits7-10

Drifa ~6-9pm

Superior Culture ~ 9-11

Lake Superior Smokehouse~ Make Believe Spurs 6-9pm

Rippling River 6-9pm

Marquette Mountain ~ Bradley Brownell 2pm

Ojibway Casino ~ 8pm~ midnight shuttle service available

Big Bay Summer Concert ~ 7-9 Draver Park

Smarty’s ~Flat Broke Blues Band 6-9pm

Pine Grove~DCLA 3pm

Barge Inn ~Daydreamers Acoustic 8-11 pm

Sunday 23

Landmark Inn ~ Dave Ziegner* & Harry South noon-3 in the Pub

Pine grove ~ Luke Ogea 3-6pm

Up North Lodge ~ Flat Broke Blues Band 4-8

Rippling River 5-8pm

Kognisjon ~ Open Mic 4-8pm

*Band contains members of the Marquette Music Scene Hall of Fame