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TOTIR Country Fest: A few words with “American Outlaw” Cecil Allen Moore

A few months ago I saw something scroll across my timeline that indicated Cecil Allen Moore was coming to the West End of Marquette County. Okay, actually I scrolled on by it, then it registered, and had one of those “WAIT, WHAT?!? HELL YEAH!” moments. I’ve been a fan for years, and we’ve been connected on Facebook (due to my podcast The Northern Outlaw) for years, so I figured I should take advantage of this. Very happy to get a few questions with Cecil Allen (fka “Peewee”) Moore:

So, Cecil, have you ever been up to this neck of the woods before?

I’ve traveled through the Upper Peninsula a few years back on my Harley-Davidson FXR during my last Two Wheels Across America Tour. It’s very beautiful, and I’m looking forward to playing for the fine folks who live and breathe it every day. They seem like our kind of folks.

Many folks that are going to read this aren’t going to be overly familiar with you or “non-radio Country” why should they come out to see you?

I’ve never been a commercial success mainly because I haven’t chased that life. I set out to write and perform the music I wanted to, and never cared to be part of any sort of system. I’ve been blessed with the ability to take that show all over the world while adhering only to the rules I make for myself, and my band. If they want to hear and see what real American Outlaw Country is, this is definitely the show for them. 

You play a lot of more rural locales, do you feel a difference in the fans there compared to more urban locations? Are they more/less engaged, or do you feel rural fans seem more grateful to actually have good music coming through?

I’ve always found that music lovers in more rural areas are much more open to what is real, rather than what the television, or mainstream radio tells them to listen to. I think it’s because they live a life that’s not so candy-coated, and they can relate to some of the things I write about. I come from a pretty small town, and I reside in a very small rural community in the hills of Tennessee so I can relate better with country folk no matter where we are in the world. That’s not to say we don’t have some really great supporters in the vast urban areas I travel to, but numbers don’t lie. I do way better in small towns than large cities.

Thanks a lot man! Really looking forward to seeing ya. Even better that it’s on my turf. See ya Saturday…

Lookin’ forward to seein’ y’all!

Moore doin’ an appropriate song for Thunder on the Iron Range’s “Country Fest” 2019






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