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Thunder 2022 – Chad Borgen & The Collective

Well, in the preview I mentioned that it appeared to be kind of a different thing for Chad Borgen & the Collective to be on the heavy rock night for Thunder on the Iron Range 2022. Now The Collective‘s diversity is not exactly a secret. I’ve seen him play straight country sets, rockabilly sets, heck, I’ve even heard them delving into a bit of psychedelia. However, to see that they were following Nashville’s Stone Senate gave me a little pause, because they’re going to set that bar high.

Of course, I didn’t doubt Chad & the crew, so I reached out to him on the road:

Hey buddy, just wanted to get some quick thoughts about you playing the “heavy rock” night of Thunder on the Iron Range 2022. Obviously, I’m not doubting your diversity, but you are generally known as more of a country/Americana/rockabilly/lighter side of rock act.

Well, I’ve always been a guitar driven guy.

I’ve been working/performing in various groups over the last 30 plus years ranging from rock to country to jazz or surf. From Abba to Zappa and everything in between.

Now that I am under my own moniker (as of the last four years) I’m not adhering to a specific genre, but showing my musical origins through my live shows.

The “Collective” is a nod to my musical peers and influences while mixing it up in my own style. This show I get to flex a little more of my rock side.

I am really excited to have the opportunity to perform at Thunder on the Iron Range.

I’ve heard some local folks say “We’re gonna see Spun & Stone Senate then check out and maybe get food during Chad Borgen,” and I think those folks will be making a couple mistakes with that one. As I said in the preview, I trust promoter Mike Ridenour’s judgment implicitly, and I trust that Chad is just going to be inspired to be following the high energy, national touring group. and bring something special. Plus, I’m already seeing great food opportunities inside the ‘fest (and I have to admit as I hit “publish” I don’t know what kind of vendors will be there as well).

We’ll be live at the opening gate at 3 pm today! 1 to 3 day passes are still available AT THE GATE (CASH ONLY) for the biggest music event of the year!






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