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Rockin’ for a Cause this Saturday July 3rd!

Cancer fucking sucks. However, it sucks even more when it’s one of your own circle who is dealing with that beast. Well, someone very close to Marquette Music Scene (the organization) and a major player in the game, Pete Polini, has been dealing with that bastard for a few months now.

If you don’t know Pete Polini, he’s the drummer for the seminal regional rockers Stranded, a man whose played an integral role on the crew of the last two Marquette Music Scene Marquette Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, and lately from what I’ve seen a pretty damn solid iRacer.

Anyway, when one of your own is in trouble it’s important to pull together and do what needs to be done to aid your friend. On Saturday, the Rainbow Bar and local acts Spun, Left of Center, the Carp River Barn Band, and Diversion are getting together to do just that. Now, you may be asking yourself, WAIT!?! Isn’t Saturday going to be one of the biggest bar nights of the year?

Why, yes. Yes, it will be, and with the Rainbow Bar getting their entertainment for much cheaper than market value for this day has said that they’ll be donating a portion of their total sales to Pete at the end of the night. This will be on top of the 50/50 raffles, t-shirts, bracelets and other merch for sale (BIG THANKS! to Martin Sports) and outright donation jars that will be placed around to help Pete defray the costs of travel, lodging and treatment.

As the publisher of the most comprehensive music calendar in the region I can officially say that you aren’t going to find a room with more RAWK! than at the Rainbow this holiday weekend ANYWHERE in the Yoop. Ya never know what kind of suprises are going to be in store when you get all these bands together as so many have shared the stage with each other in the past.

Come on down to Ishpeming tomorrow for a DAMN Good Cause.

We’re all fightin’ with ya Pete and expect you to be standing with us at the 2021 Marquette Music Scene Hall of Fame induction ceremony this November!





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