Marquette Music Scene

  • Blues Fest 2022

    Where Blues Fest has many national artists there is also the local talent involved. Everyone puts on their A game! This years fest included a few members of Flat Broke Blues Band playing with Biscuit Miller in the FREE! Friday night show. He dubbed it Biscuit Miller and Friends! Awesome fun show with The Jimmy’s […]

  • Thunder 2022 – Day 2…

    Thunder 2022 – Day 2…

    This morning I find myself with two thoughts on my brain. The first, criminy, how the heck did I go through 3 day ‘fests in the past with energy every day, and secondly, I may have used the “Negaunee hasn’t had their foundations rocked like this since the closure of the Mather B” line a […]

  • Thunder 2022 – Day One in the Books…

    Thunder 2022 – Day One in the Books…

    The foundations of Negaunee were shaking last night, in ways that haven’t been felt since the closure of the Mather B. Heck, and yesterday as a “country” day. Thunder on the Iron Range 2022 is underway, and there is no question that there are more foundations being affected here than just Negaunee’s. Three bands opened […]

  • Thunder 2022 – Chad Borgen & The Collective

    Well, in the preview I mentioned that it appeared to be kind of a different thing for Chad Borgen & the Collective to be on the heavy rock night for Thunder on the Iron Range 2022. Now The Collective‘s diversity is not exactly a secret. I’ve seen him play straight country sets, rockabilly sets, heck, […]

  • The Thunder FINALLY Rolls!!!

    The Thunder FINALLY Rolls!!!

    Are you ready for the biggest music festival the U.P. has seen in modern times?  A festival whose artist budget tops most other festivals ENTIRE budget?  Well, it’s THIS WEEKEND, and it’s in the middle of Iron Street in Negaunee. Thunder on the Iron Range FINALLY returns for it’s second year, and if you were […]

  • Hiawatha Preview – Who is Damn Tall Buildings?

    I know many of you have been there. You’re looking down the Marquette Music Scene Festival Report, and you see all these bands coming to the U.P. You know there are people excited for them, but this isn’t what’s played on the radio. They may very well be a style you’re familiar with and enjoy, but […]

  • “I wish I could see (insert big band here) on a small stage…”

    I guess, I’ll start this going back a few years. Okay, maybe even a common statute of limitations (7 years), but I got a call one morning from a friend asking me what I was up to. Long story short, I ended up on the icy shores Harlow Lake with a crew of folks that […]

  • Marquette, the Midwest’s Secret Independent Music Hotspot!

    Marquette, the Midwest’s Secret Independent Music Hotspot!

    If you’ve been lucky enough to be in the know the last few months you’ve had the opportunity to catch some headline entertainment in Marquette for not a headline entertainment price.  Now, there’s always great shows in town. FACT: We’re spoiled. However, it’s not every weekend we get national touring talent playing, let alone for […]

  • A quick catch-up with the “Queen of Underground Country”…

    I’ve been a fan of Rachel Brooke for over a decade now, in fact I discovered the “Queen of Underground Country,” from Grayling, not long before Troy Graham brought her to the Children’s Museum in 2012.  In 2016, when I was the Executive Director for the Historic Vista Theater in Negaunee we brought in “Tiger-Bear […]

  • We Lost a Good One (Elmer Aho)

    Special Guest to Marquette Music Scene: Cory Phare “Be better to your neighbors and you’ll have better neighbors.” We lost a good one yesterday. I worked as a board operator for Elmer Aho‘s American Country Gold on WJPD from 1997-2004. For six hours every weekend, he’d take requests and play old-school country music (rule: nothing […]