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  • The Passing of a Friend (and MMS Hall of Fame Member)

    The year was 2001. It was going on Noon, I’d been at WJPD since about 5 am, my usual Sunday shift, when the general manager busted through the door, “My guy for the Rec Show bailed, I need you to go down there til 6pm!”  “Dude, I’ve already been here since 5…” I piped in […]

  • It’s a Hooe-down with Country Music Stalwart Blackhawk

    A Preview of a Great Show with comments from Dig Niddy & Chad Borgen It’s been a long haul, but big name popular music is finally returning to the Upper Peninsula this weekend. Don’t think I’m saying that there hasn’t been some extremely talented (and properly lauded) musicians who’ve come through so far this year, […]

  • A Fitting Funeral for Some Friends…

    “Dude, I wish you could have made it, it’s a blast back to 2002. These bands would have fit right in, but we’d have had to put this show on in a basement or Radio X put it on in the Great Lakes Rooms.” I sent that message to Marquette Punk royalty (The Minor League), […]

  • Get Out and See GREAT Country Music this Week!!!

    If you’re an Americana/Alt-Country fan this may be the best week for music this summer. Starting TONIGHT (Wednesday July 7) the eclectic Chad Borgen & the Collective take the special outdoor stage at Jackson’s Pit in Negaunee at 8 pm. Since breaking away “solo” Borgen has taken the outlaw country approach he became known for […]

  • Rockin’ for a Cause this Saturday July 3rd!

    Cancer fucking sucks. However, it sucks even more when it’s one of your own circle who is dealing with that beast. Well, someone very close to Marquette Music Scene (the organization) and a major player in the game, Pete Polini, has been dealing with that bastard for a few months now. If you don’t know […]

  • The Thunder Rolls…

    The Thunder Rolls…

    Thunder on the Iron Ranges pushes forward with the Upper Michigan Music Fest UPDATED: Obviously y’all know that no festivals went down in 2020. Tis life. Hopefully we’ll see this ‘fest return with the potential to be the coolest in the Midwest in 2022. It’s obviously been a rough couple months for everyone, not just […]

  • Live Music & Laser Shows!

    Yesterday I got an urgent (frantic?) message from the director of the Shiras Planetarium, Becky LeBrecque. She and I are friends, and we’ve talked a bit about Marquette Music Scene eventually collaborating with the planetarium on their spectacular laser light shows. If you haven’t been out to one of these yet, you are DEFINITELY missing […]

  • MMSHOF#2019

    Time is moving very fast towards this years Hall Of Fame Event! We are looking forward to honoring this years inductees. Hope you’ve marked your calendars to join us in November 30. We will list this years inductee in October. Stay Tuned!

  • TOTIR Country Fest: A few words with “American Outlaw” Cecil Allen Moore

    A few months ago I saw something scroll across my timeline that indicated Cecil Allen Moore was coming to the West End of Marquette County. Okay, actually I scrolled on by it, then it registered, and had one of those “WAIT, WHAT?!? HELL YEAH!” moments. I’ve been a fan for years, and we’ve been connected […]

  • Thunder on the Iron Range: A few quick words with Mike Ridenour

    So doing the Country Fest write-up I happened to catch up with Mike Ridenour the main man behind Thunder on the Iron Range. Initially, I just wanted to get a quick quote for the article, but his answers were so good I wanted to just include the quick interview as a separate piece. Tickets for […]